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Round Roving Six Packs

Round Roving perfect for crafting fun!
Picture of Round Roving Six Packs
Round Roving Six Packs
A selection of six coordinating colors perfect for needle felting, hand spinning, and other favorite crafts.
Color Combinations
$8.00 (USD)

Our round roving packaged in color combinations and themes. 

(Some colors maybe substituted as needed.)

( Variety Packs do vary depending on stock on hand)

Each pack contains:

*Six (6)  color coordinated pieces,

*Approximately one yard in length and

*Approximately 2/3 of an ounce for each color

Color Combinations Include:

Naturals, Greens, Reds, Blues, and Purples

Theme Combinations Include:

Spring, Summer, Fall, Harvest, Halloween, Holiday, and Variety

Uses for Round Roving:

Wet and dry felting, spinning, crafts and knitting. 

(For Knitting- take a piece of roving and inserting it within the stitch instead of using yarn, most common in mittens and hats)