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Customer Service

General Overview:

  1. Mission.  The mission of Bartlettyarns, Inc. is to provide quality goods and services to our customers at all times.
  2. Bartlettyarns, Inc. is committed to manufacturing a good or service using resources primarily sourced from within the United States of America.  There will be exceptions if the primary resources cannot be sourced/obtained from/within the United States of America.  This commitment does not apply to items Bartlettyarns, Inc.  purchases for resale.
  3. Bartlettyarns, Inc. has three components to its business.  They include wholesale, retail and custom processing services. 
  4. Bartlettyarns, Inc. authorizes Marden-Merrill&Rice Woolen Textiles to fill retail internet sales and any other sale it may deem appropriate.
  5. Marden-Merrill&Rice Woolen Textiles agrees to abide by all Customer Service Policies of Bartlettyarns, Inc.

Customer Acknowledgements:

  1.  All customers, wholesale, retail and custom processing acknowledge that Bartlettyarns, Inc. has been in business since 1821 and that our process of making products is resource and time intensive/dependent on obtaining the necessary materials.
  2. Bartlettyarns, Inc. products are proprietary.  Please do not violate any copyrights or trademarks. 
  3. Products are generally made using antique machinery and are not produced “over night” and take time and skill from our employees.  Bartlettyarns aims to offer a service that is efficient, effective and excellent.
  4. Bartlettyarns, Inc. will make every attempt to fulfill all orders, wholesale, retail and custom processing in a timely manner, which may take up to 1 year or more depending on production cycles.  We give “good faith” estimates, but we shall not be held accountable if Bartlettyarns cannot adhere to them.
  5. Customers note that Bartlettyarns reserves the right to change its prices at any time. 
  6. Custom Processing customers acknowledge there are further policies at it relates to processing their products.

Customer Service Standards

You will always be treated with courtesy when interacting with us. We welcome your comments on the quality of the service we provide and on our performance.   Comments may be sent to

Bartlettyarns staff aims to meet its customers’ needs through professional, courteous and efficient service. 

Bartlettyarns strives to:

  • Treat all customers with respect and courtesy, Bartlettyarns expects the same in return.
  • Listen to what customers have to say, Bartlettyarns expects the same in return.
  • Personalize service to the needs and circumstances of each customer, to the best of Bartlettyarns ability.
  • Perform to the best of our ability and to update the customer of any change
  • Respond to enquiries promptly and efficiently.  Please note there are times when we are away and we will respond when we return.

Shipping/Handling Policies

Domestic/Continental USA

Bartlettyarns is committed to providing great service which also includes shipping and handling.  All internet orders are shipped by Priority Mail, USPS.  Occasionally, at our discretion we will use UPS.  All orders over $100 are shipped insured with signature confirmation via USPS.  Smaller orders may require signature confirmation, at Bartlettyarns discretion.

International, Alaska and Hawaii

Bartlettyarns is committed to providing great service which also includes shipping and handling to our customers located outside of the continental lower 48 US states.  Orders will be shipped via USPS, insured if necessary and signature confirmation.  Bartlettyarns will select the most efficient/practical method of shipping your parcel, both monetarily and time wise.  However, Bartlettyarns exercise its right for convenience, efficiency and cost effectiveness on its part as well.  The actual postage plus $2.50 for handling will be applied to your bill.

Shipping/Handling Rates

Bartlettyarns, Inc. shipping/handling rates for the lower 48 US continental states are acknowledged on our web site during check out.

Bartlettyarns does not refund shipping/handling costs if items are returned for any reason that is not the fault of Bartlettyarns.

Returns/Exchange Policies

An Internet Customer may elect to return a whole or partial order within 15 days of receipt. A 10% restocking fee may be imposed if Bartlettyarns is not at fault, including choosing the wrong size, ply, color, or weight as examples.

Occasionally when filling orders, a mistake will happen.  Bartlettyarns will gladly ship for free the correct item provided the incorrect item is shipped back to Bartlettyarns.  Bartlettyarns will refund between $3.00 and $5.00 for shipping back to us either in the form of a gift certificate to Bartlettyarns or credit back to the original source of payment, ie. Credit Card.  At Bartlettyarns discretion, we may issue a company check.

Bartlettyarns does not refund shipping/handling costs if items are returned for any reason that is not the fault of Bartlettyarns.

Out of Stock/Back Order Policies

Bartlettyarns prides itself on delivering the product ordered in a timely and efficient manner.  Due to the nature of our business, we can be out of stock of items for as much as a year or more depending on production cycles and demand of product.  We will contact you first via email to offer alternatives/substitutions and complete your order as quickly as possible.  If we do not receive an email back from you, the customer within 48-72 hours, we will make two attempts to contact you via phone.  After that time, we will proceed to fill your order and place the items on backorder.  We will bill your credit card for only merchandise shipped.  If you do not contact us in writing within 30 days regarding the backorder, you will be responsible for accepting the product and payment of such.

Bartlettyarns also reserves the right to hold a purchase if we know that a product is in production and will be ready within approximately 14 days.  Generally we try to touch base with our customers to let them know of this occurrence.

Bartlettyarns strives to complete orders as efficiently as possible.  However, we are also committed to being away at certain times of the year, generally April/May and September/October.  We ask for patience during this time if you place an order.


Bartlettyarns reserves the right to change or modify these provisions at any time without prior notice.